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The Wheel is the monthly magazine for San Francisco Region. It covers racing, autocross, Concours, and volunteer support of Pro events. In addition, it features the most complete classified section for amateur racers on the West Coast.

June 2018

Thunderhill Report – Season Finale Honoring Thunderhill Founder, Tom McCarthy by David Vodden As we approach the August 31/September 2, season finale-Club Regional Race at Thunderhill Raceway Park [#TRP], it is worth noting some of the influences that the man whose memory we will honor, Tom McCarthy, had on the track. First and foremost, Tom […]

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Frank Emmett

by Lynne Huntting Not many SFR drivers start their driving career at 40. Only one other name comes to mind – PLN. Many, if not most, start at an early age and work their way up the racing ladder. But then, Frank Emmett wasn’t your ordinary driver. Frank got off to a rocky start, and […]

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2018 Season Opener Regional Honoring Ron Cortez

It certainly was a different way to start SFR’s racing season – cold and sometimes wet – at  Thunderhill Raceway Park for the SFR Double Regional Honoring Ron Cortez – Presented by AIM TIRES. It was the coldest SFR race weekend anyone could remember, and the last time it rained on a race was so […]

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Driver’s School SFR Style

Attendance was up this year with 58 students in the three groups: Open Wheel, and two Closed Wheel groups, one of which was for the more experienced students. Our students continue to be a diverse lot, with several nationalities; two females, same as last year; several teenagers, several retired fellows, one five-member extended family group, […]

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