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The Wheel is the monthly magazine for San Francisco Region. It covers racing, autocross, Concours, and volunteer support of Pro events. In addition, it features the most complete classified section for amateur racers on the West Coast.

SFR SCCA Solo II – Round 11

Marina Airport was the site of Round 11 of the SFR SCCA’s Solo II championship series, which was held on October 10, 2019. It was chaired by Ben Martinez and Carole Zepeda, with the course designed by Charlie Davis. Praneil Prasad led in ST1 in a 2016 Mazda Miata. He was followed by Mack Tsang […]

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Wheelworks – A Chicken In Every Pot Revisited

When I was in school I never understood why people ran for student council. Other then proving our popularity what do the kids on student council accomplish? What power do you have on the student council? It is not like you could shorten the school day or do anything about the school lunches. Basically if […]

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Wheelworks – Majors My Take

All SCCA members especially those that race know there are basically two avenues of road racing. The Regional program and the Majors/Super Tour program. The Regional program is hosted by the various regions within the SCCA umbrella. These races were initially designed as a training ground for drivers who would eventually aspire to run the […]

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Wheelworks – Racing Cars Can Be Dangerous

The pure physics of driving several cars around a confined space at the limits of adhesion is a recipe for disaster. Add the macho testosterone effects that racing does to the chemical make up of the body; and it is no wonder that we have contact on the race track. In fact race cars have […]

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