While volunteering as a race official or worker already gets you behind the scenes and into the action, SFR also offers a number of programs to help make your volunteering experience better. From recognition to financial support, we appreciate the significant contributions of our worker corps and reward you for your service.


All members earn twenty points per day for volunteer participation in region-supported events (which include both Club AND Pro Events). These points can be spent on club merchandise, gas cards and registering for the annual SFR awards banquet, registration for NORPAC Convention or SCCA National Convention (one point equals one dollar). Some crews may have activities (training) that are recognized with bonus points which apply only to the VIP program.

VIP merchandise catalog

VIP Order Form – Revised 5/25/23

VIP Program Policy Summary


SCCA National offers a program that reduces your membership dues when you volunteer at Regional and National SCCA sanctioned events. Record the days you work at and receive tiered discounts on your dues automatically.

Additionally, volunteers who support 51% or more of the SFR club racing (non-pro) days in a season will be reimbursed by SFR for the part of their membership dues that National does not cover making your membership 100% free!


Effective 2020, Volunteers who support 70% or more of all SFR-staffed racing (club & pro) days are recognized as Dedicated Workers. First year achievers receive a special jacket, patch and year bar. Repeaters get year bars to add to their jacket. Chiefs distribute volunteer patches and year bars near the beginning of the year to those who have earned them.


This end-of-season affair is a time to celebrate the race season with awards and recognition for workers and drivers. Food and drink are served along with a slideshow recapping the year.