Volunteer Crews

We have many types of volunteers who come together to put on SCCA and Professional races. These brief descriptions can help you consider where you might like to participate:


Contact the SCCA San Francisco Region Office: 888-995-7222 / 530-934-4455 or office@sfrscca.org

ANNOUNCE– Work in race control or around the course describing action at events over the public address system. Prior experience as a race official or driver required.

COMMUNICATIONS– Maintain contact with all course turns and specialties (Emergency, Grid, Sound Control, Tech, Impound) using a headset and microphone. Report cars off course, body contacts, mechanical observations, and relay requests for tow vehicles, and medical or fire response.

COURSE MARSHALS– Distribute and pickup course equipment used at races, and provide cleanup on the track after race cars between track sessions.

CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE – Volunteers at exhibitions of restored classics and race cars are responsible for registration, scoring, placing cars on the field.

EMERGENCY– Respond to emergency incidents at races. Stationed on tow, crash or fire trucks.

GRID – Responsible for placing cars in numbered positions for races and monitoring driver/car safety, legality and readiness prior to all on-course sessions.

MEMBERSHIP– Set up and manage information booth and recruit new members at races and car shows.

PADDOCK MARSHAL– Assist race teams in pitting properly and supervise and work on paddock and track security. Assistance needed day before event starts as well as during the event.

PIT MARSHALS– Stationed in the hot pit area at events to maintain security and safety, and respond to race cars during pit stops.


Pit Marshall ready at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Pit Marshall ready at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

RACE ADMINISTRATION / REGISTRATION– Sign-in and greet volunteers, competitors, crews, and guests for all club functions and competitions. Provide information on race schedule, results, and distribute trophies.

TECH INSPECTION– Vehicle technical inspectors who check all competition equipment for safety and compliance with rules.

SOCIAL– Distribute volunteers’ lunches at events, set up after-race festivities and social.


Contact the SCCA San Francisco Region Office: 888-995-7222 / 530-934-4455 or office@sfrscca.org

SOUND CONTROL– Administer sound meter readings of competing vehicles at road racing events.

TIMING & SCORING– Work electronic timing clocks and computer equipment recording lap times for vehicles in competition. Produce official results for each event. This is a good crew for spouses and younger members to participate.

TRANSPORTATION– Transport on-track race officials to and from the corner stations at the start, lunch break, and the end of the day’s racing activities.

TURN MARSHALS / FLAGGERS– Stationed at the corners on the track, signaling drivers of course conditions and providing immediate response to vehicles disabled on the course.

Join the team! Getting started is easy – contact our Region Office and they will put you in contact with crews who fit your interests.