Many volunteers honored for 2017 contributions –
see award winner photos here

Flagger ThunderhillVolunteer race officials and workers are the backbone of our club’s road racing events.

It takes a lot of hard work from many individuals to put on a race. SFR has some of the best race official and volunteer crews in the country, as evidenced by our award winning chiefs and commendations from professional sanctioning bodies like SCCA Pro Racing, IMSA and Grand Am.

Being an official or volunteer for SFR SCCA means many things. You get to go places and see things most people only dream about. After working some regional races, you can work at Pro events such as the Tudor Series, World Challenge, and the Monterey Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

You also get the best “seats” in the house and a free lunch each day you volunteer. Wind down each day with a social gathering and bench racing. Our volunteer race official crews are “families” just waiting to adopt you!

Steel Moxie Studios images photographed by C.A. De Naissance and James Augustyn during Sports Car Club of America, San Francisco Region events.  Images are donated to the SCCA for unlimited use in their publication of The Wheel and on their www.sfrscca.org website.  Steel Moxie Studios retains ownership and copyright.  For purposes of SCCA events, "Steel Moxie Studios" consists of both C.A. De Naissance and James Augustyn, with the consent of both parties.

Get Started

To become an SCCA volunteer, check the crew descriptions linked below to see what is available. Then you can contact the Region Office. We can tell you how to get started and put you into contact with the chief of your chosen crew.



Crew Descriptions

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