In Memory Of…


The pages below are dedicated to our SFR Family Members who have passed on. You can contribute your memories by using the link at the bottom of each page.


Ed Batiste


William Chamberlain, Ron Grable


Paul Einhorn, Jerry Mouton, Larry Albedi


Morris Soto; Al Brizard; Pat Kelly; Bryan Nemy; Brian McCarthy; Roger Tingstrom; Pete Fairwell; Larry Rodriguez; John Kelly


Thomas Earl Mallard; Henry Joseph Jalen


John Brookman; Hal Cope; Gordon Krebs; Bob Missbach; Charles W. “Chuck” Tatum; Pat Phillips; Sandi Graham; Eric Brandt; Pat Barrett; William C. Mitchell

The Red Candle Story

The following is the story of the legendary red candle. Many years ago a fellow SFR corner worker and friend Bob Leip gave a few of us a printed copy of this story. For many years the story was told at the end of day worker social events or at the start/finish line which at that time became the center of all […]