New to Road Racing?

If you have NO previous racing experience

Attend the annual SFR SCCA Race Licensing School            Closed wheel group drivers school

While waiting to attend the school, you could participate in some “track days” in your street car with organizations such as Hooked on Driving, NCRC, or Trackmasters. Other groups are also listed on the track daily calendars. Most groups have “open track” groups as well as “instructed groups” to help you learn how to drive each track, how to prepare yourself and your car, and help you figure out if racing is for you.


If you have previous racing experience

You may be able to get a Waiver in order to get your license right away

Depending upon your previous racing experience, some or all of your licensing requirements may be waived by the Chief Steward of your SCCA Driver School or by your Divisional Licensing Administrator.

Waiver process for those with previous racing experience

An example: A driver who previously held an SCCA license but has not raced for a few years. Depending on this individual’s previous racing record and the length of the layoff, it’s possible the Divisional Licensing Administrator may waive the driver back to a Full Competition license. Or, the Administrator may require a “retread” to complete a Drivers School or a private racing school before a waiver will be considered. If you have previous racing experience and would like a waiver, document your experience and present your request to your Comp License Waiver.

If you’d like to volunteer as a course worker, take a look at our Volunteer Info pages.

If you’d like to come to a race to see first-hand what goes on, come out to any San Francisco Region event listed on the calendar. All events are free to spectators. You’ll have access to the paddock, cars and drivers, as well as viewing areas to watch on-track activities. We’d love to have you!

The National SCCA web page also has detailed instructions on how to start racing:  I Want To Race