Western Shootout

May 15, 2023

In case you missed it, the region just completed our Hoosier Racing Super Tour/ Western Shootout at Thunderhill Raceway Park. The event featured 3 different tracks over three days of racing.

In addition to off the hook racing, Mother Nature parked a giant storm cloud directly over the track Saturday afternoon. The Open Wheel formula car group was on the track at the time and had to end their race prematurely. As they pulled into impound all drivers abandoned their racecars and sought shelter due to nearby lightning strikes.

Afternoon races had to be shortened to 15 minutes due to the lost time.

Even with the unprecedented weather everyone had a great time.

The Cinco de Mayo taco feast Friday night was amazing and was open to everyone in attendance.

John MacIntyre was the brains behind the event and did a great job seeing to every detail, including special event shirts, special event decals, special event winner decals, and embroidered Western Shootout Champion hats. He even greeted every driver on the pre-grid thanking them for their attendance.

The best part about the event was it was all broadcast live on YouTube. The camera angles and play by play commentary made the event extra special.

The current website banner photos are the inaugural Western Shootout Champions. If you are ready for a racing experience different from all others, start preparing for next year’s event.