Region Update and Road Racing Survey

April 24, 2020

I hope everyone is safe and doing well.  As you all know, we are on hold right now. California has the shelter in place order through the end of the month. We have had to cancel our last Regional at Laguna Seca. We have a race scheduled for the end of May.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, the Super Tour scheduled at Portland has ben canceled (Mid-May). The NW region still has their Majors scheduled for May 23/24. This is also the same weekend as our Regional 5 & 6. As much as I want to be a cheerleader and keep this scheduled, this may or may not occur. This will be determined within the next week. Elsewhere, the Pebble Beach Concourse in August has been canceled. That will likely be the first of several dominoes that may also shut down the Pre-Reunion and Reunion events. Sonoma Raceway is also shut down through May.

Due to the cancellation of the Majors at Laguna Seca, we are planning on making the June Regionals a 3 day event AND a Majors/Regional event. This, of course, will depend on the COVID-19 crisis subsiding and being able to handle the event in Monterey County.

There are alot of unknowns and “what if’s” out there. We are really hoping to get the season started again, but safety and guarding our health is the number one issue, as we proceed to return to a “new normal”. Racing will return, but only if we can minimize any ill effects on anyone’s health.

We have a short survey (10 questions) that I would encourage you to fill out. It is important we get feedback from all club members in order to gauge interest. This includes BOTH Drivers and Volunteers. If we don’t include your feedback, we aren’t doing a service to the entire Club. Remember, getting a car on the asphalt is easy, putting on a race is not. Here is a link to the survey:

 Take Survey Now

Thanks in advance for taking the survey. It will really help in determining the course we take over the next few weeks and months.  We will all be back at the track, that we know.  n the meantime, we need to follow the health guidelines put out by our local authorities and experts. I hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. We will keep you informed with developments as they happen.

Tim Sullivan

Region Executive

SCCA San Francisco Region