Permanent Numbers

Permanent Number List Updated March 3, 2019

Annual Permanent Numbers are assigned to San Francisco Region drivers who compete in three Regional races in the San Francisco Region during the current or preceding race season.

  • In January, any driver who entered three or more Regional races in the preceding year will automatically be assigned his permanent number for the new year.
  • Renewal requests should be made by January 15.

New requests for permanent numbers should be sent by email to:

  • Requests should include the dates of the three completed San Francisco Region events.
  • Three number choices should be indicated.

Permanent car numbers are only valid through the entry deadline. If the entry is not received by the deadline, the number may be assigned to another driver. The deadline  is the Thursday prior to the week of the race.

Permanent car numbers are assigned by group. When groups are combined, the cars moving to the new group may not be able to use their permanent number if it is already in use in the group to which they are moved. Some special race formats may cause a permanent number duplication, in which case the earliest entry will receive number preference

Rental car entrants may apply for a maximum of five permanent numbers per group; they may receive fewer than five numbers depending on availability.