LINDA ROGASKI Presented by Barbara McClellan


When I was a Steward in Training, we spent a weekend with each crew to understand how they worked. One of the first things the Chief of Registration said to me was “We are the first people the drivers see, so we set the tone for the weekend. That is why you greet everyone with a smile.” That was over 20 years ago and that person was Linda Rogaski, who has been greeting drivers, workers and crews with a smile. Her frequent statement is “What can I do to help you?”
Here is her SCCA history. In 1982, she, along with her husband Jim, joined the Solo program of the Sacramento Chapter of SCCA, which was in the process of being reorganized. Jim then started crewing for a racing driver, and Linda came along. She decided she would find a crew to keep her busy, so she joined the Social Crew with Jim and Marcia Keane. In 1998, after working one event as a Registrar, Gary Meeker, who was the RE, asked her if she would be Chief and reorganize the crew along with Dorothy Wilson who was an Assistant Chief. And the reorganization was a success.
When Jim became Chief of the MX-5 Series, Linda served as the Registrar. She also worked Registration at the SCCA National Runoffs for several years. Around 2005 Linda started working in Competitor Services at the Runoffs; and this is a role she has continued through this past year.
When Race Central and Registration were combined to become Race Administration in 2005, Linda first served as an Asst. Chief. Several years ago, she and Claire Kelly decided to share the title of Co-Chief of Race Administration. Beside their registration duties, they serve as the voice of information at the track, along with handing out trophies to race class winners.
Race Administration is open at the crack of dawn and they are on the go, being the last crew to close up at night or the end of the weekend. Linda has been recognized for her many contributions by chosen the Worker of the Weekend several time, as well as receiving the Premier Award of Merit after taking over Registration.
Linda says she has the best job at the track. Some of her closest friendships, both locally and nationally, have been through SCCA racing. She said it is a joy watching young drivers grow up and go on to do great things.