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The Wheel is the monthly magazine for San Francisco Region. It covers racing, autocross, Concours, and volunteer support of Pro events. In addition, it features the most complete classified section for amateur racers on the West Coast.

Who was naughty and who was nice?

Here it is the day after the SCCA banquet and all the SCCA racers are busy thinking about the next race season.  They are thinking of what it will take to win the championships, who will show up next season, will they have a crew to support them?  Many wonder if they have the resources […]

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Year-end party celebrates season finale

Dear Editor, I want to give a huge thank you to the sponsors of the End of the Year Party!  Big thanks to Jim Devenport and Cranbrook Racing, San Francisco Region, Reno Region and RDC.  We had a lot of help from drivers Joe Briggs, Joe Montana and Brent Hatchett.   A very large thank you […]

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Sacramento Chapter round 9 “Back to Stockton”

by Davey Drouin Photos taken by Dave Jeffords @ Returning to Stockton is like going back to the old sandlot where you used to play baseball in the summer times as a child. Yeah, there are nicer places to play, but the Stockton Fairgrounds have always been there for the Sacramento Chapter. It really […]

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Spec Miata Festival at Sonoma Raceway

Spec Miata Festival Race Photo by Aaron Meyer Round Three of the Spec Miata sparring match between Marco Gallaher and Nick Somers. The score was even going into this race, but a third competitor was thrown into the fray, and that was Robert Rodriguez, Jr. Rodriguez Sr (father) and Jr (son) have been racing together […]

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