Prepared car on course at Marina

Autocross (also called Solo) is a contest of driving skill. We race against the clock on short courses that emphasize car handling and agility. We sanction three series:

Marina drivers meeting

Drivers meeting at Marina autocross

Speeds and hazards to spectators, participants, and property do not exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving.

But it is a lot more fun!

No special license or other qualification is required – just a safe car with seat belts and a helmet (loaners available) and you can join the action. Experienced autocrossers will gladly provide advice, demonstration rides and help make sure you have more fun that you’ve ever had in a car at 40 mph.

Fresno autocroxx corvette

Autocross at Fresno Fairgrounds

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2017 Region Board Election Results

With five Board candidates running, the results of the 2017-2018 SFR election for Regional Executive and Directors has been eagerly anticipated. The highest vote count in years was recorded – 344 – with results as follows: Elected: Regional Executive, Barbara McClellan Elected: Three Board Directors: Tim Sullivan, R.J. Gordy, Roger Eagleton Vote counts: Regional Executive, Barbara […]

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Every third year, SCCA Area 9 members [San Francisco and Reno Regions] elect a Director to the National Board. This is totally separate from the San Francisco Region Board which manages SFR. This is a third year, so ballots will be sent by U.S. Mail to all members in Area 9, arriving in mailboxes no […]

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