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All minor "spectators"  (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by at least ONE (1) PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN.  There are two (2) waivers that must be completed for each minor at all MATHER events, only one (1) waiver for STOCKTON events:
1) "Minor Release and Waiver of Liability" - must be signed by at least one (1) parent and notarized if signed off-site.   No notarization is needed if signed on-site (MATHER and STOCKTON events)
2)  "Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement - same signature rules apply (MATHER ONLY events).

All minor DRIVERS (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIAN unless the above two (2) forms are completed and notarized off-site and submitted at the event.  In this case minor driver need only be accompanied by one (1) PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN.  These forms can be completed at the event (without notarization),  however, MINOR MUST THEN BE ACCOMPANIED BY BOTH PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIAN

Minor Release and Waiver





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Awards Banquet

Date: November 1, 2014

Where: Timber Creek Ballroom

(Del Web Roseville)

Time: 5:30pm - until


How about a round of Golf, for those of you that play, Gale Smiley has been able to make it possible to play a round of golf (18 holes) prior to the Banquet. So, play a nice relaxing round of Golf, then come to the Awards Banquet and have a few drinks, pick up an award and have a nice dinner in a great location with your racing friends. I can't think of a better way to end the racing season - can you?????


We are in need of pictures and video's for the Awards Banquet. We looking for old and new of both. If you store your pictures on the "Cloud", "Dropbox", "Flickr", etc. and would like your pictures (of racing) to be seen by Millions (well, to be seen by the People at the Awards Banquet - hey it's a start). Send the link to my email address and I will pass it on to the "Master of Stage and Screen" to add to the presentation. So, look through those pictures find the ones you want to share and send them to:

The Sooner The Better!!!!


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