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Welcome to the Solo2/Autocross

Program of the Sacramento Chapter of  Sports Car Club of America

Solo2 (also called Autocross or Slalom) is a contest of driving skill. We run against the clock (i.e. "solo") on short courses that emphasize car handling and agility rather than speed or power. Speeds and hazards to spectators, participants, and property do not exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving. Thrills and fun, however, do. Best of all, you can enter in your street car!

Come Autocross with us! Sacramento CUP events are open to all licensed drivers, and we welcome new participants. We have some loaner helmets available and there is a class for everyone. It's easy, safe and fun for the whole family. Experience your car's limits and improve your driving skills in a safe, friendly environment. 


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The RAW DATA is up on the "RAW DATA" Page. I'll get to doing the actual results this weekend - really busy at work....


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1. Be Patient - There will be alittle more paperwork than normal.

2. Parents with Minor's see the comments (in the bottom right corner)follow the directions and all will go smoothly.

3. Be Patient !!!!!!

2014 PAX/RTP Index 

"Street"   "SP" CLASS   "P" CLASS   "M" CLASS  
SS 0.843 SSP 0.872 XP 0.906 AM 1.00
AS 0.833 ASP 0.866 BP 0.881 BM 0.965
BS 0.831 BSP 0.863 CP 0.864 CM 0.922
CS 0.821 CSP 0.861 DP 0.879 DM 0.920
DS 0.815 DSP 0.855 EP 0.876 EM 0.926
ES 0.814 ESP 0.849 FP 0.883 FM 0.924
FS 0.818 FSP 0.839 GP 0.850 FSAE 0.989
GS 0.806 OSP 0.882        
HS 0.797            
SSR 0.860 STF 0.801 SM 0.870 KM 0.957
ASR 0.848 STC 0.824 SMF 0.851 JA 0.880
BSR 0.845 STS 0.829 SSM 0.882 JB 0.842
CSR 0.834 STR 0.838     JC 0.741
DSR 0.825 STX 0.827        
ESR 0.828 STU 0.846        
FSR 0.830            
GSR 0.812            
HSR 0.804            




and w--------------------------------------

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PARENTS the link below is the Minor Waiver Form. this form needs to be signed by BOTH PARENTS and NOTARIZED before you come to the event. We have limited forms and limited personnel that can sign off on these forms at the Event Site. If you have to do this form onsite BOTH PARENTS WILL NEED TO BE PRESENT - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Please, print out this form (2 pages) fill in all the blanks and either have it notarized or bring it with both parents to the event site. There will be no exceptions to this rule....

Minor Release and Waiver

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