Region Only Rules

The following are SF Regional classes:

American V-8 SuperCar (SS)

Club Ford (CF)

D Sports Racer (DSR)


FFT: Must meet all rules for FF except must use an R60 Hoosier tire

Grand Touring America (GTA)

Improved Touring eXtra (ITX)

Improved Touring E (ITE)


Pirelli Cup (PC)


Spec C5 Corvette  –SSC5 Rules

Spec E30 (E30)

Spec E46 (E46)

Spec Miata T (SMT)

Sealed Spec Miata (SSM)

Spec Mustang (SMG)

Super Production (SP)

ITE: The only IT rules that apply to ITE are:

  • Any tub chassis production vehicle running with DOT tires.
  • Preparation Rules: International Sedans may modify the floor pan/rocker panel sections.
  • Cars must meet or exceed the IT safety requirements of the current General Competition Regulations.

PC: Runs under rules of IMSA Patron GT3 Challenge Supplementary Regulations, Section 11 Technical Regulations.

SPEC MIATA T (SMT): Spec Miata T will run under the National rules, GCR Spec Miata Category Specifications (SMCS) Section 9.1.8 with the following exceptions/additions.

To qualify and/or receive regional points, trophies, and victory flag, Spec Miata T drivers must use Toyo Proxes RR tires, size 205x50x15. All four tires on the car shall be the same manufacturer and model. The Toyo RA1 is also allowed but recommended only for wet conditions. Any Spec Miata T driver not using the required spec tire, regardless of qualifying time, must start at rear of SMT field. The only modifications allowed to tires are having treads “shaved” or “trued.”

SMCS Item 9.1.8.C.4.a.3: Also allowed: Ground Control coil-over kit 5030.04.

SMCS Item 9.1.8.C.7.e: Detachable hardtop manufactured by Snugtop may also be used.

SEALED SPEC MIATA (SSM): Sealed Spec Miata is a limited preparation class. To be eligible for points, trophies and any other rewards, cars must meet all of the rules for Spec Miata T.

In addition, the engine utilized in the car for any session or race shall be sealed by MCE Racing  [530-934-3237] or another San Francisco Region designated supplier. The seals installed on the motor shall be registered by MCE Racing and shall remain intact and untampered with at all times.

At any SFR Regional Event, any car may be selected for compliance check which may include a dynamometer check for max HP and torque using a SFR-designated supplier.

Any seal that is missing or damaged or a dynamometer reading greater than 115 HP or 103.5 ft-lb of torque is grounds for disqualification from the event. In addition the car must be re-tested and re-sealed at the owner’s expense before being allowed to compete again, including any additional events on the weekend that the discrepancy is found. All compliance and testing results will be posted by SFR in such places as it deems appropriate.

SMT/SSM in ITA and ITS: 1990-2005 SMT or SSM class-compliant cars may enter ITA. SMT or SSM cars entering as ITA cars must comply with all SMT/SSM Class rules except for tires, which must comply with GCR Section 9.3.45 (Tires). All other ITA entries must comply fully with ITA class rules per GCR Section 9.1.3.

A 1999-2005 SMT class-compliant car may enter ITS. SMT cars entering as ITS cars must comply with all SMT class rules except for tires, which must comply with GCR Section 9.3.45 (Tires); and restrictor plates, which must comply with GCR Section 9.1.3. All other ITS entries must comply fully with ITS class rules per GCR Section 9.1.3.

S2: Regional Class S2 cars shall comply with the 2013 GCR Section 9.1.8. Sports 2000 rules in their entirety. Competitors must have available for review a copy of the 2013 GCR Section 9.1.8. Sports 2000 rules with them at the track.

Spec E30: NASA Spec E30 rules apply with this addition:

The complete spec exhaust is required. Additional mufflers or noise-cancelling devices such as a SuperTrapp may be attached to the end in order to meet sound requirements at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Spec Mustang (SMG): For the 2017 Season, cars entered in San Francisco Region regional events as Spec Mustang (SMG) will follow all requirements in the 2017 SCCA GCR, Appendix M. SMG Technical Regulations, plus the following additional requirements:

  1. Spec Tire: Hoosier – 295/30/18 – R7
  2. Three (3) “Hoosier” stickers, one on each side, one front.
  3. Two (2) “Hooked On Driving” stickers, one on each side.


  1. Tires Supplied by Hoosier Tire West, Phone: 559-485-4617, Fax: 559-485-4632; $350 each, pick up at the track, mounted $8 each.  Will be present at all SFR Regional Races.
  2. Everyone will win tires for various accomplishments; 26 tires have been promised to SMG for prizes. Purchasing from Hoosier Tire West is mandatory (where the price is) to qualify for contingencies, and cars must have the specified “Hoosier” stickers to participate in prizes.
  3. AV8 is donating “Nut and Bolt” service – no sticker required. AV8 will give out one “Nut and Bolt” certificate per weekend for the 2017 season.
  4. Hooked On Driving – Donating one Track Day (per event weekend), to be won by drawing at each SFR Race event.  Entrants may win only once per season.  Must be an entrant at said event.  Two stickers, one on each side.
  5. Jongbloed Wheels contingencies will be similar to 2016 (Details to follow).

SP: Cars or pickup trucks which exceed the preparation limitations of the applicable Production or GT Specifications but which meet the general regulations of Section 9 of the GCR for GT category cars. Aerodynamic devices are permitted.


Club Ford

ITX – IT eXtra

SS – American V-8 Supercar


Grand Touring America (GTA) – See GCR