Worker Highlight – Heather Streets

July 12th, 2017 by James Chartres

How did you get started Volunteering?

I got into SCCA because of my family. My dad, 2 uncles, and one of my aunts all raced Pintos in the 80s before I was born, so I literally grew up going to the track. My mom and brother did T&S (Timing & Scoring) so I started out there, and then when I reached 18 I switched to Flagging and Communications (F&C). At that point my Dad hadn’t been driving and was also doing F&C, and my stepmom did Social and Worker Transport. My stepbrothers used to do Tech Inspection, Emergency, and Course Marshals. So it has always been a family affair for us.

Where are you currently Volunteering?

I became an Assistant Flag Chief a couple years ago and then Co-Chief starting in 2016.

Why Flagging and Communications?

I like doing F&C because it allows you to be so close to the cars. We call it the “next best seat” if you can’t be in the car yourself. All the people on the crew are really nice and easy to get along with. You have to trust that they will save you if a car is coming at your station, which tends to create a bit of a bond. That and standing 2 feet from each other all day.

Why do you like Volunteering?

I really like it, and just volunteering period for SCCA, because it is true that without us the race can’t happen. All of the crews are needed to put on an event, and if there aren’t enough people then the drivers wouldn’t get the chance to do it, so someone has to. Just like if we didn’t have enough drivers we wouldn’t be able to do this either. So the club really needs both halves to be a whole. I like knowing that I contribute to that.

It allows me to travel to other places. I’ve been to Edmonton, Long Beach, Houston, Baltimore, and Austin for races, and I plan on going to many others at some point. It lets me make friends in other states and countries that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. We call it racing family, and it’s true. Some people from the track were at my high school graduation, my college graduation, and many who weren’t sent cards. It’s great having this huge extended family

What don’t people know about F&C?

I’m not sure if there’s anything anyone doesn’t know about F&C. I know I was surprised when I talked to some drivers that they didn’t realize we truly volunteer for this and don’t get any money for it, even when we travel, but I don’t know how many thought that and plus it’s true for all the crews.

If anything I hope the racers remember to wave at the end of their sessions. I’ve noticed a lot of drivers don’t wave back to us, and after we spend all day out there looking out for them, especially if it’s raining or windy, that’s all we want. Our joke motto is “no wave, no save”, so they should wave….

Want to learn about how you can get involved and be part of the SCCA family, check out: Volunteers

From everyone at the SCCA San Francisco Region, thank you Heather and thanks to all the workers, volunteers and racers that make this club so special!

3 Responses to “Worker Highlight – Heather Streets”

July 12, 2017 at 4:57 pm, David Takacs F & C in the 80s said:

Not to mention that The TRACK, ANY TRACK is an amazing escape from the pressures of the hum drum life away from The TRACK … wonderful memories every time I even see a picture of a race car … SAFETY FIRST … we LOVE volunteers


July 12, 2017 at 5:24 pm, Daniel Kenber said:

I’ve known Heather for a VERY long time and always been impressed by her dedication to our sport and working tirelessly at so many events. I my favourite Heather Run-In was while working for IMSA i was dropping in to a Starbucks in Baltimore and thinking.. (hadn’t seen her in a few years) I wonder if Heather or someone from SFR is here for the GP.. Not 2 minutes later I walked out the door and LITERALLY into Ms. Streets (and Alan Steele).

#RacerLife Heather….


July 12, 2017 at 8:47 pm, Craig Montague said:

So proud of you kiddo, still remember when you were still just a lil kiddo hanging out with your Big Brother in Timing and Scoring, to think you grew up and have done so much in the Club, proud of you kid! True example of dedication and a strong worker. Glad to see this feature, you earned it!


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