Worker Highlight – Christopher Linkous

January 10th, 2018 by James Chartres

How did you get started with the SCCA?

My father, Ray Linkous, began working as flagger in mid 2016, and by the end of that year he was able to persuade me to come out to the track for an event at Thunderhill Raceway. I was initially going to be flagging myself, but Dan Burgoon convinced me to help out for a day on the Course Marshal team. From the first day volunteering I met Don Landers, my co-chief, whom made sure I learned as much as possible and stayed safe while on course. Ever since I have found myself enjoying the Course Marshal team and growing as part of the San Francisco Region family.

What is your current position?

Course Marshal Co-Chief

What do you like about the SCCA?

Well, CARS!!! I have always loved cars and driving, and to be introduced to the ability to work as a track marshal and be up close and personal to real race cars is a phenomenal privileage. Equally, the other reason I love the SCCA are the people of the San Francisco Region. The region is filled with people with big hearts, I feel as though I have gained hundreds of friends and supporters in a meer years time and will be forever greatful for that.

Why do you like volunteering?

Well, this coincides with the previous question and answer. However, I would put more emphasis on the tremendous group of volunteers in the San Francisco Region. They have been so warm and friendly to me as a new volunteer.

What does your role involve?

The Course Marshal’s are responsible for the majority of the equipment that is distributed, collected and stored during a race weekend as well as in between race weekends. We are the ice/water crew, we make sure the rest of the volunteers stay upright and alert. Like the emergency crew, we have to transport the truck and any needed equipment between tracks to be ready for the events. Our on track responsibilities involve making sure the track surface is in great racing condition, free from debris and oil. We also work closely with the emergency crew to support and be supported by them in any tasks of larger scale, blocking and excessive clean ups.

Without the help and support of my fellow Course Marshal’s, none of this would have been possible. I thank Don Landers, Jess Linkenhelt, Jerry Fox, Jon Cronk and Yongzhe Wen for the continued support and of course volunteering their time with/for the SFR SCCA.

What don’t people know about what you do?

With all of the experience in the San Francisco Region, at this point they are all aware of what we do and mostly because they have done it at some point during the years as volunteer.

Chris is too humble…

Chris, who was new to SCCA, became a Chief for the Course Marshals Crew in 2016, which needed revitalizing. He recruited new members and has a great functioning crew. Chris shows a lot of leadership potential.

Chris has been identified by San Francisco Region as an Ascenders, eligible to be part of a National Program for new young leaders in SCCA. Regions can apply for a candidate to attend the National Convention. National waives the Convention fees. To provide additional support the San Francisco Region is covering the lodging and airfare.

Chris will be attending the 2018 SCCA National Convention in Las Vegas, 18-20 January.

Thank You!

Chris thank you for all you do for the region the workers all appreciate your enthusiasm and the racers enjoy driving on the nice clean track you and the team maintain. Racers make sure to give him and the team a thumbs up on your out lap!

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January 11, 2018 at 6:23 am, C Barbee said:

Great job Chris. Makes a person feel good to have a fellow member shine.


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