Who was naughty and who was nice?

December 22nd, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

Here it is the day after the SCCA banquet and all the SCCA racers are busy thinking about the next race season.  They are thinking of what it will take to win the championships, who will show up next season, will they have a crew to support them?  Many wonder if they have the resources to continue, while others think about what might have been had they had the extra little piece of the puzzle to finally put them on the top rung of the podium. While some anticipate running for the regional championship others are thinking of being national champion at the Runoffs, which for the second time in the last four years will be run on the West Coast.

. . .    Tao Takaoka was the next SCCA racer to have his turn with Santa. Tao has had a tough year and his always present smile has most recently been missing from his face.  Santa did not have to ask him what was wrong because Santa certainly knew that all of Tao’s cars have taken a beating. Before Tao could make his request Santa said “I know what you want. You want a new racecar”. Tao’s bright white smile suddenly returned to his face and he walked away a very excited boy.

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