Wheelworks – Too Many Classes!!! Not enough advocates!!!

July 19th, 2019 by James Chartres

Back when SCCA first started there were two classes. Under two liter and over two liter. Saturday the Amateurs raced and Sunday the Professionals raced. Then as SCCA grew so did the number of classes and along with the growth in classes meant additional races.

I was looking at a 1963 Race Program for the Sports Car races at Candlestick. The first race of the day started at 9:30 and the last race of the day ended at 5:30. There was a ten minute gap between racesand at the end of the weekend there was an awards ceremony at the Terrace Room at the Schlage Lock Company that was naturally a no host cocktail affair.

In 1963 there were 20 classes of cars and it was not unusual to see formula cars run with sedans. At the 1963 event SCCA held eight 30 minute races on Sunday. Back in 1963 the loud noises of the racecars were welcomed but now people that build 15 million dollar homes near a race track get to tell us when we can make noise.

As it stands now the San Francisco Region of the SCCA recognizes 58 race classes. We cram all of these classes into seven run groups and try to keep the noise down.

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