Wheelworks – Races After Shelter In Place

May 14th, 2020 by James Chartres

By Blake Tatum

By now everyone knows about the dangers of the Coronavirus. We cannot help but wonder will life ever be the same? And if it is not the same what will it be like? Before we answer those questions lets understand some key information about what we know about Coronavirus and why it is so important to maintain diligence and practice safe distancing.

How will we run races once we are given the all clear to gather?

Wearing masks is mandatory. Masks will be required when entering any building on any of the facilities as well as when you are in public areas. Wash stations or hand sanitizer will need to be set up at strategic locations throughout the paddock.

As the weekend unfolds regular wiping of all the high use surfaces will happen. Wipes and trash cans will be available at all doors, elevators,and any place that is considered high traffic. We suggest that you have your own pen with you for sign in at the gate and during registration. We can wipe them down between uses however the safest practice is for everybody to have their own. All SCCA volunteers should use only one computer during the weekend and make sure it is wiped down several times during the day.

The use of disposable gloves is recommended but make sure to be vigilant of them touching a potentially contaminated surface and coming into contact with your face. If you touch a high use area please discard and replace.

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