Wheelworks – Majors My Take

September 19th, 2019 by James Chartres

All SCCA members especially those that race know there are basically two avenues of road racing. The Regional program and the Majors/Super Tour program.

The Regional program is hosted by the various regions within the SCCA umbrella. These races were initially designed as a training ground for drivers who would eventually aspire to run the National/Majors events and then eventually compete in the Runoffs. Regional races offer advantages to the host in that they can offer classes of racing cars that are not raced on a national level and they have more freedom on the schedule. Regional races are where we find all of our regional only classes such as Improved Touring, Super Production, and any specialized Formula car classes such as Club Ford. All of these classes are just as much fun to race in as the Nationally recognized classes but are not eligible to compete in the Runoffs.

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