Wheelworks – A Chicken In Every Pot Revisited

November 2nd, 2019 by James Chartres

When I was in school I never understood why people ran for student council. Other then proving our popularity what do the kids on student council accomplish? What power do you have on the student council? It is not like you could shorten the school day or do anything about the school lunches. Basically if you were on the student council your only power was to organize a fundraiser so the chess club could buy new equipment.

If power is something you desire, then running for the San Francisco Region Board of directors is the job for you. If elected, you have a say in the future of the club. Being a board member opens your eyes to the inner workings of how the region operates. Often times while sitting around in the paddock you hear people complaining about things. By being a board member you will see first hand why “things” are done the way they are. You may even want to change “things” once elected. If you ever had an interest in serving on the board, I encourage you to get involved. It is a very rewarding process.

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