Thunderhill Major Race Report

June 26th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

No Joke! SFR’s Thunderhill Major Race was 1-2 April 2017. And surprisingly enough, there were few, if any, April Fools tricks played.

And for the second race weekend in a row, the weekend was dry and mostly devoid of major drama, agro or protests. The good news/bad news is that our SFR drivers have yet to run in the rain at our races so far this season. The weather was warm, sunny and breezy. Not much preparation for the notoriously fickle weather in Indianapolis for The Runoffs in September.
It was a two-day weekend affair, and as with all SCCA Majors, only the 27 National classes were running. There were 140 entries, give or take, after late additions and withdrawals/no shows. Group Six – Spec Racer Fords – was the largest, with 34 entries in two classes; while Group Seven was the smallest with eight cars in one class – SM. But they would prove that it’s quality, not quantity, that makes for a great race. Approximately half of the entries were from SFR, while the other half traveled from Arizona, Cal Club, Gulf Coast (FL), Northwest, Oregon, and Reno.
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