SCCA SFR Autox Rd 6, Crow’s Landing

August 25th, 2016 by Sherry Grantz

June 11, 2016

By Ryan Panlilio

Round 6 of the SCCA’s San Francisco Region autocross was held on Saturday, June 11, 2016, at Crow’s Landing, part of a long autocross weekend for competitors.

Corvettes took the podium spots in AS, with Ken Mollenauer in first. Rory Marin came in second, with Mary Pozzi close behind in her Corvette.

Dan Pellow, in a Honda S2000, took first in BS. He was followed by Ryan Cirillo in a WRX Sti. Bryan Nemy rounded out the top three in his VW Golf R. Youmna Zalzal ran uncontested in her S2000 in BSL.

Mark Lewis topped the field in CS in his Miata. Jonathan Stroud barely beat co-driver Eileen Blando for second place in their FRS. Jeff Mack ran uncontested in DS in his BMW 323i.

The all-Miata party in ES was led by Craig Boyle, followed by Dennis Hubbard with Chris Kannan rounding out the top three. ESL was also all-Miata, with Pam Kannan taking first over Soyun Lee.

Sean O’Boyle led the all-M3 contingent in FS. Michael DoCouto came in second, with Richard Jones not far behind in third place.

The GS-class was another one-make affair with all Ford Focus ST. Christopher Smith took top honors in his Ford Focus ST. Howard Yang and Jon-Mark Schneider came in second and third, respectively.

Russ Bowlus barely squeaked by Ed Runnion for top spot in HS. Both were driving Ford Fiesta STs. Scott Phillips took third in his VW Rabbit.

Scott Fraser outdrove co-driver Bruce Cambern for first place in SS in their Porsche GT3. Jacob Dawson, in a Corvette, was right behind Cambern in third.

Rich Rossmassler just barely edged out Arvin Silvestre for first place in ASP. Rossmassler was in his 370Z, Silvestre driving his Orsche 911. Micah McElvary ran uncontested in CSP in his Miata.

Eric Williams took the top spot in FSP in his FX16, with Chris Gibson, in a Rabbit, in second place.

OSP saw Tom Smiley take first place in his Lotus 7. Wayne Overbeck took second in his Fiesta and Wes Crelleshak in third in his Shelby Daytona.

Steve Lau, in a Porsche GT3 RS, took first place in SSP. He was followed by Craig Nagler and Jeff Glorioso for second and third, respectively. Nagler and Glorioso were both in Corvette Z06s. Tara Shapawal ran uncontested in SSPL in a GT3 RS.

John Paulsen ran uncontested in JB in his junior cart.

It was an all-Corvette show in BSPV, with Manny Pretti taking top spot. Jim Barnes and Bruce Fasnacht rounding out the podium finishes.

CAMC saw Jake Obinski’s Mustang take top spot over Shawn Boone in his Trans Am. Nathan Reid finished third in his GTO. Kelly Prior took first place in CAMCL in her Mustang.

CAMS was yet another all-Corvette class, with Sean Breeze in first place. Joel Villarreal came in second and Bryan Stewart in third in his Z06. Ingrid Ansell ran alone in CAMSL in her Corvette.

Mark Owen, driving a Camaro, took first in CAMT. He was followed by Michael Erickson in a Chevelle and Todd Lilly, driving a GTO, came in third. Stacie Nauman, in a GTO, ran alone in CAMTL.

Steve Goldine was the sole competitor in AM in his Caterham. Matt Ellam edged out co-driver Tom Ellam for second place in their Cheetah, with Tom finishing third.

Ben Martinez, in a RF84, took the top spot in CM. Chris Warner, in a Swift FB91, took second, and Mark Mervich, in his Van Diemen, took third.

Dave Henry ran uncontested in DM in his Caterham.

Jesus Villareal took first place in EM in his Lotus Europa. Bill Charron was a close second in his Porsche 914-4, and Sean Thomas came in third in a Porsche 914.

Tony Rodriguez took the top spot in SM in his Lancer Evo, with Ricardo Del Barrio finishing second in his Mustang.

Mike Maier, in a Shelby GT350, came in first in CP, with Frank Stagnaro coming in second, also in a Shelby GT350.

Ron Baker, in a Miata, squeaked by Guy Ankeny for top spot in DP. Ankeny was also driving a Miata. Dwayne Komush rounded out the top three in his Starlet. Deanne Caraballo ran uncontested in DPL in a Starlet.

Drew Mathers was the sole competitor in STF in his Honda Fit.

Only 0.644 seconds separated first place from third place in STP. Tanya Krueger, driving a Camaro SS, took the top spot. She was closely followed by John Fabela and Troy Jennings, both driving Ford Mustangs. Kimberly Jennings ran uncontested in STPL in her turbo Mustang.

James Laeno took the top spot in STR in his Miata, with James Carothers taking second in his Honda S2000.

Manny Ruiz took first place in STS in his Miata. Randy Krider, again, broke up the all-Miata party by taking second in his Civic SI. Damian Huertas finished third in his Miata. Seajae Jennings was the sole competitor in STSL.

STU saw Jimmy Au-Yeung’s Lancer Evo top Hal Dorton in his M3. James Clenney took third in his M3.

Mark Tsang once again led STX in his Subaru BRZ. Karlton Lew took second place in his BRZ, and Justin Tsang came in third in a BRZ.

Andy McKee, driving a Mazda RX-7, took the top spot in XP. Chris Pesez came in second in his WRX.

Isaac Acks led the way in T2 in his Lancer Evo IX. Tyler Colgett came in second in his Fit, and Erik moody rounded out the top three in his WRX Sti.

Monty Pack, in a Porsche GT3, took first place in X-class. Chris Cox took second in his Mustang, and Justin Moore finished third in his WRX Sti.

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