SCCA Drivers School on Motor Trend TV

August 19th, 2020 by James Chartres

SCCA Drivers School on Motor Trend TV

Both Paul and Todd from “Everyday Driver” attended the SFR licensing school back in February and their crew documented the experience for Motor Trend TV. The episode “Learn to Race” aired for the first time on August 1st Saturday morning at 4:30AM Pacific time, Season 7 Episode 2. For those of you who missed it, there will be other showings on the Motor Trend channel and it should be available on Amazon Prime at the time of this publication.

Paul and Todd help everyone find cars they will really love. A car that makes you want go for a drive… just to drive. Their films use cinematic photography and a unique dual-host commentary to showcase enthusiast driving on great roads and racetracks like ThunderHill Raceway. Their podcast “The Car Debate” focuses on answering viewer dilemmas in finding fun cars that also meet their budget and needs. The hosts of “Everyday Driver”, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find
the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goeson behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.

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