Sacramento Chapter round 9 “Back to Stockton”

October 20th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

by Davey Drouin

Photos taken by Dave Jeffords @

Returning to Stockton is like going back to the old sandlot where you used to play baseball in the summer times as a child. Yeah, there are nicer places to play, but the Stockton Fairgrounds have always been there for the Sacramento Chapter. It really wasn’t that long ago that we raced full seasons at Mather Airfield, Cal Expo, and I even remember racing at McClellan Airfield. Those days are long gone, but Stockton has always left the light on for us, and given us a place to play.

BSL was little bit more of a fight to finish in the top positions. Katalina Eunice driving a C4 Corvette finished in fourth with a 49.301 with one cone. Taylor Williams was just a few seconds behind her Aunt with a 50.134 which was good for third place. Penny Hubbard took second place with a 48.029. The class winner was Kelly Williams with a 46.113. I think it is pretty clear that Kelly has yet to teach her niece “ALL” of the go fast tricks to driving a Corvette.

XPL was won by a little Lotus 7 with a turbo engine driven by Rachel Smiley of Martinez.

Now there was only one person officially entered into SSRL class, but there are two people who compare their run times regardless of the class they actually run in. Susan Fountaine ran a 44.245 which gave her the win in SSRL.  E.J. Fountaine ran a 44.441 which gave him the win for SSR. If there was a class just for the Fountaine family Susan would have been the champion today and E.J. would have taken second place. Fun was had by both as always.

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