Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets

February 22nd, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

How would you rate your performance last season? I don’t mean your results. You see, competitors like race drivers typically measure their performance by their results, not their true performance. In other words, if we win, we think that we performed well, and if we lost we think we performed poorly. But is that the right way to look at it?

Have you ever won a race, and then thought afterwards that you really didn’t drive all that well? Or, the opposite: you finished third, tenth or even fifteenth, but knew that you drove the wheels off the car and that it had nothing left? Which was your best performance?

One of the reasons racing is a challenging sport is that even if you perform at your best, your car may not, and you won’t get the result you’re after. To be true to yourself, you really should rate yourself on how well you performed, not the result you achieved.

Here’s what I want this article to do: Get you to open your mind up to some new approaches, and to challenge you to take your racing to an all-new level this coming season.

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