Our San Francisco Region Volunteer Crews

January 16th, 2020 by James Chartres

Sports Car racing has always survived because of two components. One is the drivers who race the cars, two is the staff of people that run the events. In the WHEEL we spent a lot of time talking about the drivers and their accomplishments. Unfortunately the other half of the equation is left out.

We know who the drivers are, their names and pictures are plastered all over the pages of the magazine, but for the new member or the causal member they do not see the people behind the scenes. Sports car racing is unique in the fact that the people that run the events do it on volunteer basis. They do not get paid and they have to pay for their own lodging, travel, and uniforms.

First off – let’s talk about the people who run the show. How did they get to where they are? There are several paths a person can take to become a SCCA volunteer. Some of the volunteers are retired race car drivers. These are the men and women who raced for several years, but did not want to drop out of the racing scene. These are the people that developed lifetime friendships with people that have shared the same interest as them. These people often times have been SCCA members for 30 plus years.

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