May 2020

May 14th, 2020 by James Chartres

The Woolley Brothers and Dad Race Team Story

Ken “Dad” Woolley:

When I was 9, my friend took me to the go-kart track in West Berkley. Briggs and Stratton, bumper all around, you know, little kidney-shaped track with tire walls on both sides. It was wonderful. Full throttle out of the turns, tires slipping and grabbing, next to the tire wall, tires flying by… zooming! I was hooked.

Seven years later, when I got my first car, I soon realized, with the help of everyone that would ride with me, that I had an odd compulsive driving perversion. I would speed up in the turns, instead of slowing down. I couldn’t help it. Also, I seemed to be cursed… to always be the last one in a long line of cars. Why me?

And then the NMSL. The National Mandatory Speed Limit, 55mph max! Oh my goodness.

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