May 2019

May 15th, 2019 by James Chartres

Wheel Works – Good Bye Sherry

By Blake Tatum

Every organization has that one go to person that knows the ins and outs of the operation. We have all seen it, the person that knows the history behind every change. The person that knows who caused a certain policy implementation. The person that could tell you what the organization did last year as well as what they did five years ago. They can tell you who got things done and who caused more work than they were worth. This person is usually not the boss or the face of the organization but is usually one layer down from the top. When everyone is stumped on what to do they go to this person for the answer. It is the person the boss or owner sends everyone to answer the hard questions. The San Francisco Region of the SCCA has such a person. This person is the regional manager Sherry Grantz.

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