Frank Emmett

May 17th, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

by Lynne Huntting

Not many SFR drivers start their driving career at 40. Only one other name comes to mind – PLN. Many, if not most, start at an early age and work their way up the racing ladder. But then, Frank Emmett wasn’t your ordinary driver.

Frank got off to a rocky start, and wadded up the car early on, wrecking everything but the motor on  his rented TR-8. His memories of his Rookie year weren’t fun. Frank felt hopeless and wanted to quit after every race. But he and John kept at it. And better results came that first year. Frank’s first victory was June 7 at Laguna Seca, when he won CP. He also had two seconds, a third place, and a GT1 qualifying track record that first season. In 1982 Frank commissioned Huffaker to build him a new Huffaker Pontiac.

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