May 2018

May 17th, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

Wheelworks by Blake Tatum

“Who needs Viagra when you have a race car!”

I am telling you forget the pills and get a racecar!! There is nothing more masculine than having grease under your fingernails and a racecar in your garage.  As the neighbors walk by they will know that you are a person that knows what to do with his tools.  The thrill of revving that race engine does more for your blood flow then any blue pill.  The after glow of a race weekend will last longer then any encounter you my have had and surely does not produce any surprises nine months later.

When I grew up and recess was no longer an option racing cars filled that need.  Nothing said Billy Bad Ass better then being the first guy across the finish line and driving around on that victory lap. The thrill of victory meant there was no agony of defeat. Driving a racecar was my Viagra, it got my blood flowing, it put that hop in my step, it was the reason for making eye contact and walking with your chest pumped out.

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