March 2016

June 3rd, 2016 by admin

RE News by Gary Pitts

Well, the new year is off to a great start.  The last time I counted, we have 52 entries for the drivers’ school and more people are trying to find rental cars so they can run the School.  I found one renter who has a few cars left so I expect we’ll get a few more entries.  I haven’t counted entries for the season opener, but entries are already coming in for the Majors, “The Ultimate Challenge” where we will run  both the 3-mile and the 5-mile courses in one event; we’re hoping for a big hit here and when we get it, I think we’ll have a great start on a traditional Big Event that will be the envy of all the clubs on the western tier.

We also have a very interesting project developing in our solo community which is being led by Board member Clint DeWitt in conjunction with the Autocross leadership.  We are in early-stage discussions with the government agency which currently operates a solo and racing facility in the Stockton area to take a long-term lease on the facility, make improvements using mostly funds held in the solo site fund, possibly supplemented with a loan or other participation from SCCA National, to develop the site for use by our own club and rental to other organizations.  This is in the very early stages and I’ll keep you informed as progress is made.

All in all, the Club is doing well both financially and socially and the future is bright.  I call that pretty good for an organization which is struggling with our real competition, which is mostly electronics-based nowadays.

See you at the races!