Season Finale Honoring Tom McCarthy

June 21st, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

Thunderhill Report – Season Finale Honoring Thunderhill Founder, Tom McCarthy

by David Vodden

As we approach the August 31/September 2, season finale-Club Regional Race at Thunderhill Raceway Park [#TRP], it is worth noting some of the influences that the man whose memory we will honor, Tom McCarthy, had on the track.

First and foremost, Tom saw the need for a Club-owned track. That would have been a great enough achievement because great progress and change always requires a visionary, but there is more.

Beyond that for which Tom is most often credited, you should also know that he saw a track with lots of run-off, meaning very little to hit. The tracks we had at the time had lots of walls, lots of things to hit. If you have ever hit a solid wall, a pole, or anything hard, the fewer of these things you see at a track, the more you like it. Yes, we have more impact areas than when we started but these hard things are something we have tried to avoid – thanks to Tom.

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