January 2019

January 24th, 2019 by Sherry Grantz

Wheelworks – Looking forward to 2019

by Blake Tatum

2019 will bring some changes to the San Francisco Region. First off, Reno Region is going to work with us a put on the very first time trail event. It will be part of the 2019 Tire Rack Time Trials National Tour and will be held April 13/14 at Thunderhill Raceway Park.  Tony Rodriguez has been appointed the chief of time trails with the region.  Tony has been the guy spearheading the time trials cause. He has been the man most responsible for getting the board to approve the event.  For those of you that do not know what a time trails event is, think AutoCross on a race track. For more information on a Time Trial event go to https://timetrials.scca.com.

Another change is we will have a Majors event at Sonoma and our first Super Tour Event.  This is a good news bad news situation.  The good news is we will have two events at Sonoma Raceway, which is a very popular track amongst our members.  Also the good news is we will have our first Super Tour event. For those that have not been to a Super Tour they offer a professional announce crew, sector timing, and a high level of competition. This will be a three day event with a test day associated with it.  The bad news is the Sonoma event will be very unique and will feature a Sunday/Monday schedule which obviously presents challenges for staffing and attendance.  The bad news component is that we will not have our highly successful Thunderhill Majors event which after several trying years has been one of our best events each year.

2019 will also see a Pro Formula USA Winter Series run at the Sonoma Majors Race.  Read about this and more in the January issue –>