January 2018

January 23rd, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

Introducing the NEWEST Race Class: SSC5

by Tim Sullivan

How many classes of cars are in SCCA…  more than one would think!  Now there is one more!  The new SSC5 (Spec Sealed Corvette 5th Gen)

So what does it take to get into this class.  Simple..  a stock (somewhat) 5th Generation Corvette (1997-2004, ZO6’s excluded)  Pretty simple..  The C5 Corvettes, when they came out, were great handling cars.  Chevrolet had a C5 racing team.  The new LS Gen 3 engine was phenomenal, and pretty bulletproof.  They are plentiful, and the price is right.  The first two cars in this class were purchased for $7500 and $6700.  The cars are out there!

But, you say, you can’t just race it stock.  No..  we have a uniform set up for them, much like the Spec Miata’s.  But the cost is reasonable.  We have made some deals to get the main components (supplied by LG racing) at a discount.  The first build came in at just about $20,000.  Not much more than the good old Spec Miata..  but a bit more horsepower and fun.

The “snapshot”  and some photos of the new car are in the January 2018 issue –>