Frank Emmett Announces Retirement

January 23rd, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

To: The Wheel

From: Frank & John, #45 GT1/SP Vette

Subject: ‘Tis Time

After seventy-six combined racing years together – hundreds of races – thousands of tires – umpteen body parts (if you know what I mean), John and I have decided it’s time to make a career move, called retirement.

What a wild and wonderful ride it’s been!  And the memories that can never be duplicated – the sights, sounds & even the smells (Brats & coffee in the morning, Road America), the beauty of a purpose-built race car – the thrill of getting into these cars just never ends & is a huge part of the excitement of that environment…

John and I are so proud, grateful & lucky to have been part of the show… I miss it already.

Helping make this decision easier was when a Sheriff came up to my house with siren on in early October and told me I had 3 to 4 minutes to evacuate to … he didn’t know where because everything in Sonoma county that wasn’t burning looked like it was about to.  He turned as he was getting into his car and said, “You can leave too early or you can leave too late.”  How applicable!  I get it!

Thanks for the memories everyone.


Frank & John

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