Formula 4 Coming to the West Coast

July 17th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

I was different as a kid. Most all kids dream of being the guy up to bat in the World Series in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, two outs, and down by three runs. Most kids dream of hitting the ball out of the park and being the hero. Not me I would dream about sitting in the driver’s seat of my own race car ready to take on the Indianapolis 500.

As a kid I did not have a snowballs chance in h—l of being a professional racecar driver.  Even if I had all the resources needed, making it on the world stage would never happen.  One reason is because America has always lacked a clear cut path towards the top. In Europe there is a definite ladder system. In America the ladder system in place has always had a few rungs missing.  Well now there is a movement afoot to have America mirror the European system.

The first step is the introduction of FIA sanctioned Formula 4.  Now this is not news to anyone that has been paying attention to American amateur racing.  What is news is that the series is going to debut on the west coast.  The series made it’s debut in 2016 and initially had some teething problems, but once the second season rolled around, 32 cars showed up for the season opener at Homestead.

Brent Morgan, his partner Antonette Ginochio and son Zakary Morgan of Exclusive MotorWorks, Inc. is the western states distributor of the spec series car.  Brent says the car is built in America by Onroak.

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