Driver’s School SFR Style

March 20th, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

Attendance was up this year with 58 students in the three groups: Open Wheel, and two Closed Wheel groups, one of which was for the more experienced students.

Our students continue to be a diverse lot, with several nationalities; two females, same as last year; several teenagers, several retired fellows, one five-member extended family group, and several family pairs. They came from every walk of life, from medical, financial and professional careers to the automotive industry and school – high school and college. Two students were licensed SFR Volunteer Workers, one from Tech and the other from the Course Marshals and on the SFR Scholarship.

Most of the students were SFR members – including drivers from Alberta, Indianapolis and Arizona. One student came from Northwest Region and six from, and six from Nevada. Two came from Cal Club, which was having its own School the same weekend.

All students passed and the majority attended the Graduation Sunday afternoon. Eight of the Closed Wheel students graduated directly to Regional Licenses, based on input from their instructors and Group Leaders, and approved by SFR’s Driver Licensing Chief, Gary Meeker. They are Ismael Basso, Donovan Brockway, Joseph Chang, Julian DuMay, Paul Grewall, Ron Patrick, Dan Prussian, and Brennan Stammer.

The majority of students rented their race car, and nearly all the closed wheel cars were Mazdas, of which all but a couple were Miatas. There were also a couple of Porsches, two BMWs, and a MG Midget. In the Open Wheel group, 10 of the 11 cars were SRF’s and all were rented from Bruce Richardson – whose twin brother, Brian, was a student. The lone interrupter was a Formula Ford from Cal Club.

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