Driver’s School 101

January 12th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

All your life you wanted to be a racecar driver. You are sitting at the red light waiting for it to turn and you rev the motor a little extra. You check out the driver next to you without turning your head. The grip on the steer­ing wheel gets a little tighter. You plan your move. The wait seems like a lifetime as the pounding of your heart gets louder and louder. The light turns and you hit the throttle, careful not to lose traction. You pull ahead of the competition (although the competition does not know about the race) and you are able to switch lanes in front of him and hit the apex of the freeway on ramp.
You want to become a race driver and you found out the SCCA is your gateway to rac­ing immortality. You are new at this and what do you do first? Chances are if you know out about driver’s school then you are a member of the SCCA. If not this would be the first step.

Next set aside February 24 -26, for drivers school. The San Francisco region has only one driver’s school per year so don’t let your mother-in-laws 60 birthday party supersede your date with racing immortality.

Now, follow the remaining steps in this drivers school intro by Blake Tatum in the January 2017 issue.