December 2019

December 24th, 2019 by James Chartres

2019 Season In Review

The 2019 San Francisco Region Championship is over. After a brutal 15 race schedule we have crowned the champions. Lets look back at the winners, losers, and could have beens for the past season.

We have 57 different classes on the books in our region. Some of the classes evolved from the very beginning of SCCA and others have evolved due a particular niche we were trying to satisfy. Classes like EP, FP, and HP have evolved from the very early roots of the club when a bunch of wealthy aristocrats wanted to play with their sports cars together. Other classes have been around for a long time but have had their name changed. Back in the sixties SCCA had several sports racing classes – it went from ASR (Can Am Cars) to ESR which was a full bodied purpose built Sports car with a small engine. Now these cars are Called prototypes and we have two classes of Prototypes P1 and P2.

The problem with offering 57 different classes is not all of them have people that participate in them and some of the classes only have people that run one of two races during the season. The other conundrum is how do you eliminate a class? Because the class was created for a reason and there could be a very good reason for no participation in a particular year but you never know what will happen the following season.

In order to be classified as a regional champion a driver has to run at least 51% of the races. If a driver finished in second place in the points, but ran the minimum number of races — whereas the first place points getter did not run the minimum number of races, the guy with the lesser points but the minimum participation record won the championship.

Lets look at each group and see who won, who did not win, and who could have won if they participated in enough races.

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