Confessions of a Cone Slayer

July 20th, 2020 by James Chartres

Confessions of a Cone Slayer

By Rob Krider

When I was a kid I saw a movie that changed my life forever. That movie was Corvette Summer, starring none other than Luke Skywalker. Well, in reality it starred actor Mark Hamill, who plays a high school auto shop kid who chases car thieves that stole his fourth period vocational class project
car, a C3 Corvette –complete with ridiculous hood scoops and gold flake paint. The film also featured hot rod vans and prostitutes. For a young impressionable boy, it was an awesome night at the drive-in. When the credits rolled on Corvette Summer I knew someday I would own a Corvette.

As I grew up I continually kept my eyes peeled for the perfect ‘Vette to satisfy my Corvette Summer dreams. But during my life things continued to block my ability to own a Corvette. Simple logistical things like having a wife and two kids and the fact that a Corvette has no backseat. Full disclosure,when the kids were little I determined they would probably fit fine in therear cargo area of a Corvette, but my wife, whom I love, was the voice of reason on this. As you can guess, no Corvette for me when the kids were in diapers.

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