August 2021

September 24th, 2021 by Seth Reid

Well when you have a good thing going you don’t stop it. Again the Sac Chapter SCCA tackled the autocross pad at Thunderhill. Another great event and another great day of racing. There were 71 drivers that raced and 71 people that had a great time.

Starting at the top, Super Street had eight drivers in cars that little boys dream about one day owning. David Borden took third place with a run of 40.467 in the family Porsche GT3. Second place went to Brian Jacobson in a Corvette with a 40.256. Champion for the day was Monty Pack sponsored by Animus Wine Napa Valley in a Porsche GT3 with a run of 39.028. In the ladies class, Susan Fontaine beat out Mary Borden with a run of 41.215 for the win.

A Street with a 100% Corvette showing had 6 drivers show up. Third place went to Rory Marin in a silver Corvette with a 41.385. Robert Foster in an orange Corvette crossed the lights with a 41.274. Winner for the day was Michael Lella sponsored by Beneath a Scarlet Sky, a novel, with a pass of 41.222.

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