August 2020

August 19th, 2020 by James Chartres

Road Racing Regionals 11 & 12

By Lynne Huntting and Blake Tatum

SFR’s Regionals 11 & 12 Driver Re-Education Event at WeatherTech Raceway was again conducted under the strict guidelines and protocols of Monterey County and the racetrack. We couldn’t call it a race and we were under a no-social media mandate. Such is life under Covid 19 and State Watch Lists. But we were able to have our weekend with more than 160 cars. It was nice to have a fuller F&C crew than seen of late, but we could have used more workers on other crews. However, everyone pitched in, crews cross-pollinated and we got the job done.

Two of our newer workers got Checkered Flags from race car drivers. Fred Lind/No.07 Ford Lightning truck gave his to Bud Tanner, who worked two days on Grid and filled in Sunday on Turn 7, when someone was ill. It was the first weekend for Jonathan Scher, who worked Emergency and he also received a Checkered Flag.

During the weekend, five new track records were set in Race One and three in Race Two. The drivers mentioned they missed having their families and friends there to watch, work and celebrate with them.

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