August 2019

August 20th, 2019 by James Chartres

2019 SFR Road Racing Championship – Regional Races 9 & 10

The Double Regional 9-10 Races at Sonoma Raceway the first weekend in July had serious hot weather. It was a two-day event, with the largest Regional field this season – about 215 cars. The Friday test day was well-subscribed with more than 100 drivers. At Sonoma, the db limit was 103 all day, yet the morning session had more than a few drivers stretching or exceeding limits. Maybe it was the cloud cover, which did dissipate. It was nice to see drivers earning DRAFT Card credits toward a test day or regional entry, working on corners and in Timing & Scoring.

A group of SRF drivers, under the leadership of Joe Briggs and his Healdsburg Distillers group sponsored four Worker of the Day awards during the weekend. The number of race shops and drivers in thisventure include more than half the 32-car eld in Group Six for SRF3/SRF. Each of the four were selected by a driver, and received a $150 check. The lucky recipients were Curt Storek from St. Louis/F&C; Jennifer Bickett/T&S; Jess Ann Link/Course Marshals; and Michael Joseph/Pit Fire Marshal.

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