August 2016

August 25th, 2016 by Sherry Grantz

Spec Miata Festival Race, July 3, Sonoma

The grid for the festival race was determined by the fastest lap in Race 2.  Thirty-nine cars would make up the field in this 16 lap, end of the day, event.  Pole-setter Marco Gallaher, #8, would clinch his third win of the weekend in SMT, and his FIFTH checkered flag of the weekend!  He managed to hold off a relentless Tommy McCarthy, #23, who was the SM winner but barely, as the margin of victory was a mere 1.104 seconds.  Tommy also bagged his THIRD checkered flag of the weekend!  Kirk Uhrlaub, #84, finished 8th overall but was victorious for the SECOND time in SSM. “Hard Charger” award was given on the RaceHero app. to the #79 of Sushanth Sureshkumar, who qualified 45th and finished 24th.

The Flagging & Communications crews picked Marco Gallaher, #8, SMT, as the Driver of the Weekend.  He set the fastest qualifying times in all three Group 7 sessions, and won all three race in a field of 52 cars in races #1 & #2, and 39 cars in the Festival race.  Good sportsmanship in lapping cars during the events.  Nice Job!