April 2020

April 14th, 2020 by James Chartres

By Blake Tatum, Photos by Jonathan Johnson

The 2020 racing season is only two races old and is really taking a licking. Regional Races 3 & 4 had promise written all over it as late as the Tuesday before the race. Entries would be bolstered by the addition of World Speed Formula Car Challenge, Brent Morgan’s Formula Pro F3 and F4 USA Western Championship, and Peter West’s Pacific F2000 series.

After over a month of bright sunny 70-degree weather, the forecast for the weekend was heavy rain. Which is always a buzz kill when it comes to entries. But the rain was the least of the concerns. Three days before the weekend the nation basically went on shut down because of the Covid-19 virus.

Basically any gathering in the United States was cancelled; the only reason the race was not cancelled was because SCCA races were considered participant driven events and not gatherings for spectators. To drive home that idea, track officials posted signs on the drive up to the track entrance that said spectators would prohibited.

By the time the first green flag flew for the weekend the clouds had mostly cleared and the sun was bright and shiny. The only problem was with the clouds gone, came a brisk wind out of the south. It is days like this that the three windmills in the middle of the track earn their keep. Even though the temperature read 59 degrees, it felt like 40 degrees.

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