2017 SFR Drivers’ School

March 21st, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

by Lynne Huntting

The latest edition of the San Francisco Region Drivers’ School started and ended with bright, but chilly sunny weather at Thunderhill Raceway Park – not a drop of rain in sight all weekend. That’s so rare not even veteran driver Instructors could remember the last such occurrence.

One aspect that separates SFR from professional drivers’ schools is the skill level of the SFR-trained driver. Professional schools issue the SCCA license after completing their school, whereas SCCA requires three competitions prior to getting a Regional License. Those events must include at least two road races. The third can be a Time Trial, such as those put on at Thunderhill by Reno Region. Think Solo I.

The three-day track weekend format basically includes a class welcome and introduction to School for all students led by Becker. Then there are break-out sessions with the three Groups, their Leaders, Becker, Arken and Sevier, and the individual instructors. The instructor to driver ratio is impressive – two or three students per instructor; and in the Open Wheel Group, it’s practically 1-1. All instructors use their race cars as Instructor Cars.

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