Volunteer for the California 8 Hour

March 23rd, 2019 by James Chartres

Want to get involved in Motorsports? Volunteer today to be part of the team that makes the Intercontinental GT Challenge California 8 happen, March 29-30. We are looking for more people to work:

Flagging & Communication – stationed on the corners to ensure safety and get the best seat to the action. – Contact: Bill Harries

Pit Marshalls – stationed in the hot pits to help with safety and any incidents including fire, see the pit stops up close. – Contact: Lynne Huntting

Emergency Crew – Respond to on track incidents and rescue stranded cars and drivers. – Contact: Jeff Olinger

Course Marshals – Removing debris and rectify any on track conditions to ensure safe racing between sessions. – Contact: Jessie Link

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