Sonoma Majors Recap – Friday

July 5th, 2018 by James Chartres

By Lynne Hunting

Friday was cool-ish for practice, but hot and greasy for qualifying.

It was great to see the Worker turnout. Many of the crews had out-of-region Workers who traveled from Cal Club, Oregon and Nevada to work the event. Thank you for showing your support. We enjoy your company!

Left to Right, Stewards: Bill Blake, NORPAC Executive Steward; Bill Kirkwood, SFR Steward in Training; Dave Deborde, Reno Region, Tech Steward; and Skip Yocom, Oregon Region Chairman, Stewards of the Meet.

The National SCCA office was represented by seven staff members and two Runoffs officials.

There were nine race groups – Eight Majors and one Regional group. The overly-large (73) field for Group 7 Miatas got good news in their Driver’s Meeting after qualifying – the Divisional Executive Steward is allowing them all to race.

A large field of Miatas ready for qualifying

The hot weather or something affected a lot of transponders, so not all cars had their times recorded. Each Driver’s Meeting after Qualifying discussed possible reasons and solutions. Hardship laps will be permitted.

The heat must have affected the cloud or something, as data services were interrupted, affecting T&S, commercial businesses and elsewhere in the paddock.

Bonnie Wannarka from Lone Star Region working in Tech, providing hydration after Group Seven

The afternoon heat was such that the busy Tech workers were dispensing cold water and cold wet towels to the overheated drivers, while others were busy shoe-horning the full-pull fields into the small Impound area. It resembled a car rental return lot after a busy holiday.

By end of day all but one of the qualifying results were in and posted. Group Seven was held up.

The tire suppliers were kept busy with over 400 racers

By and large, considering the size of the fields, the heat and other agro, it was a fairly great day. No drivers were hurt, and only a few cars needed assistance in returning to the paddock.

Bev Heilicher, Majors Chief Steward Race Director, Chicago Region – conducting SRF Drivers Meeting in Impound.

The Workers had a pizza dinner with all the trimmings. Social was open to drivers and crews as well, and a good time was had by all.

Friday night Social and Worker Dinner.

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