Schedule Change: Less SFR SCCA Pro Support for May 11-14 Ferrari Challenge

March 17th, 2017 by James Chartres

“Schedule Change for Laguna Pro Support: SCRAMP has indicated that they do not need San Francisco Region to support the Ferrari Challenge on May 11-14 as we had originally planned. Due to the lower number of entries, our full support is beyond their need. Some Emergency crew and grid support has been requested.

SCRAMP does need our support for the first-ever ‘Spring Classic’ event on May 19th to 21st. The Spring Challenge is being billed as a sort of ‘Mini-Reunion’ for those of you who love Vintage a Race Cars” – think Pre-Reunion. There will be a full three days of racing for everything from 1966-1974 Can Am cars to 1983-2007 Winston Stock Cars.

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